Apron - full front

Apron - full front

No foodie will stay indifferent to this personalized 100% polyester apron decorated with your unique design, which makes it an awesome gift for any cooking aficionado. These aprons come with a white strap, each string approximately 33” long. Cold wash only.

No foodie will stay indifferent to this apron decorated with a unique design from a favorite author. These aprons come with a white strap, each string approximately 33” long. Cold wash only.
Series Standard of Honor
Material Polyester
Care of Cold wash only

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Thank you for taking the time to read my book. I appreciate everyone that chooses to visit the products of my imagination. I have read extensively for many decades, delighting in the wonderful worlds that other people have created for me. After a lot of encouragement from friends and colleagues, I was convinced to turn my writing skills to fiction and nonfiction works for public consumption. For a Midwesterner, happily ensconced in the midst of the chaos of cats, dogs, and husband, it has been and amazing, and humbling, experience. 

The sheer act of writing things to share with others has given me a new appreciation for both the power and the cost of the written word. I have learned that, just like sleep is an optional luxury for single parents, so is it a totally expendable currency for writers. The drive to write, to create, can be relentless. I find myself taking notes at strange times, wanting to discuss space battles in the middle of expensive restaurants, and other behavior that only a loving and tolerant spouse could accept.

I hope you have enjoyed this book. Comments and feedback can, of course, be entered into Amazon and good reads. But you can also reach me at taki@technologymage.com or by signing up for my newsletter at http://www.takidrake-author.com/. The blog also will let you know about the things that are new with me and some sneak peaks and advanced information about publication

There are several series that I have started to publish. In the fantasy and science fiction areas I have two: Becoming Sephera about a woman’s journey from a pampered heir to a self-reliant, and responsible member of society, and the Unfettered Mage about technology and magic among the stars. Both of these series fall into an emerging genre called techmage where technology and magic combine for explosive and interesting mixtures. The books in each series are listed below. Please feel free to chime in about how you like them and what you would like to see next.

I would love to hear from you!

Becoming Sephera
A Learning Experience
You Just Go On – May 2017

The Unfettered Mage
We Are Not Prey
Fleet of the Mage – April 2017

Tachyon Wars
Tachyon Landfall – June 2017

Badger Hole Bar
Thru the Badger Hole – April 2017

Holiday Heartwarmers
The Expanding Universe (Book 1)
The Tide - The Multiverse Wave
Inanna’s Circle: The Game Begins
Inanna’s Circle: Flight of Imagination - Through the Darkness

A Food Palate - Holiday Heartwarmers
A Tasting Sampler
Marcella’s Garden Cookbook
Fergus Favorites
Badger Hole Bar Food – April 2017

Instapot Magic – May 2017
Cooking for the Apocalypse – May 2017

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